About Us

About Oreillers

Oreillers can be found in a 18th century carriage barn situated among the cover of trees. Once housing horses and buggies it’s now converted for various utilitarian uses, one being Oreillers. It retains the original hand hewn chucky beams with a touch of industrial, the end walls incorporating antique Belgium blocks and half round windows.

It’s like working in a tree house with a wall of windows high above the forest floor. An annex added in 1830 houses our antiques and textiles, all leading out French doors to an inviting private garden.

Despite being conveniently located near the hub of a small thriving town, it is very private; open only by appointment or invitation, since we also happen to live on the property with our beloved Golden Retrievers Molly and Gulliver.

Debra Sidebottom

Debra Sidebottom established herself in the world of antiques in 1993 after years of working with museums doing research and restoration. Armed with her knowledge she put her skills to work creating one of a kind pillows.

An emphasis on European textiles spanning 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries our antique textile collection, sourced from all over Europe, continues to enhance the interiors of many of the world’s’ top stylists, interior and set designers as well as architects and collectors.

Since she also has a love of antiques and anything old, with prompting from fellow designers she’s now launching into the world of antiques so stay tuned...